Videojet Lightfoot™ canning solution

Tailor-made for canning

Purpose-built to deliver the quality, reliability,
and performance needs of the high-speed
beverage canning sector

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Run as fast as you can

Coding shouldn’t be the bottleneck on your production line.
Dual Lightfoot™ marking heads guided by a single controller
help enable seamless coding at speeds of up
to 100,000 cans per hour*.

*Speed capacity will vary based on application requirements.

Handle tough environments easily

Humid and sugar-laden beverage canning environments can
wreak havoc on standard coding solutions, resulting in illegible
or missing codes. The Videojet canning solution features dual
IP69 marking heads to easily handle these harsh environments
and deliver a high-quality, clear code every time.

Washdown without disruption

Moving equipment off the line for production washdown
is time and labour intensive. With an IP65 rated cabinet,
everything can stay in place during washdown,
making cleaning easier and faster

Make total shutdowns history

Laser systems with a single marking head require complete line shutdown to repair or swap equipment in case of a fault. The Videojet solution features built-in redundancy with dual marking heads so you can adjust to single laser operation and keep the line running* even if the follower marking head goes down.

* Up to speeds of 50,000 cans/hour. Only leader laser can run in single laser mode and manual adjustment of laser settings will be required.