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Ink expert Frank Xiao talks about the new V420 and V528 inks

In many countries across the globe and within many beverage segments, the use of returnable glass bottles is not an exception, but a rule. Manufacturers who utilise returnable bottles face additional challenges than most beverage companies – printing date/lot codes that can withstand the bottling process, survive the distribution chain and easily be removed when the bottles are returned.


Inks designed for the beverage industry

Videojet has a portfolio of over 340 different inks, making us the right partner to help you find the right ink for your application .

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Videojet, in partnership with our customers, has developed the V420 and V528 inks to withstand the challenging conditions faced by beverage producers.

Apart from the tough environments found within beverage plants, the V420 and V528 inks also help ensure that the consumer information coded survive the refrigeration and ice baths bottles are place in at the point of sale.


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Videojet invests significant resources to create the leading range of ink solutions for a vast range of substrates and industry applications. And we have the perfect team to support our clients’ evolving needs.

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