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User training courses

Why training?

Videojet printers are designed for continuous operation and, similar to production equipment, they require regular maintenance. Videojet printers are a part of the production process; often production throughput is compromised if the printer is not working as required.

Reasons include operating errors, incorrect parameter settings or replenishment of printer fluids or ribbon. In these cases, trained staff can step in and reduce downtime to a minimum.

Our professional trainers have been delivering training courses on our printers for years – testament to this is the large number of satisfied participants and customers. In addition to our own service engineers and customer maintenance technicians, we also train engineers from Videojet resellers abroad – professional training from the experts!

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Operator training course

Target group:Machine operators, line operators
Training objectives:Cleaning the printhead, starting the printer, message entry/editing and storing messages. Safety, PPE etc.
Duration:2 or 4 hours
Location:Production premises with suitable facilities
Participants:Maximum of 6

Hire printers are available from Videojet Technologies for the operator training courses. Training schedules are individually tailored and courses can take place outside of regular working hours, for example for late or night shifts.

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Maintenance training course

The maintenance or intensive training courses are designed for self-sufficiency on the majority of problems.

Target group:Technical Operators, supervisors, maintenance or service staff
Training objectives:Similar to operator training course plus filter changes, replenishing ink, filling and emptying printers, calibrating ink, setting parameters, fault-finding.
Duration:2 days
Location:Production premises, suitable facilities
Participants:Maximum of 4

Hire printers are available from Videojet for maintenance training courses.
The training schedule may be tailored for specific requirements, and the timing of the training can be adjusted to suit individual needs. Particular features of individual systems will, of course, be taken into account during the course.

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Comprehensive training course

If on site technicians and maintenance personnel are required to carry out maintenance work and be able to rectify printer malfunctions quickly and with the minimum of disruption, then this is the training course they need.

The course has been developed over a number of years, and by focussing on “how it works” first, the participants understand why we calibrate, adjust and set up the printers the way we do. Diagnosing faults is therefore rapid, direct, and with minimum downtime.

Our comprehensive training course delivers the required knowledge of the pneumatic, electronic, and ink system and the way in which they interact to enable them to find the fault first time. The included training guide provides detail about the printer, how it works, connecting accessories, and troubleshooting on site. Some information is not available elsewhere

The manual is continually updated including older printer models. It cannot be purchased and is provided exclusively for participants on the comprehensive training course.

Our dedicated training facilities in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, include theory and practical rooms, production conveyor belts, dedicated training printers and full PPE.

Target group:Maintenance technicians, or similar (e.g. fitters, mechanical engineers, electronics engineers, electricians, etc.)
Training objectives:Similar to the maintenance training course plus details on pneumatics and the ink system, head settings, printhead functioning, etc.
Duration:3.5 days
Location:Videojet Technologies Training Centre in Huntingdon
Participants:Maximum of 8 participants per course, meaning individual attention
Optional:Training participants receive an option of purchasing a maintenance toolkit at a reduced price.

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