Videojet 3350 CO2 laser series

Laser Marking System

  • The 3350 is a connected solution with next-level flexibility, designed for seamless automated product changeovers
  • With unparalleled digitally-enabled capabilities, this 30-watt CO2 laser is the ultimate solution for marking complex and high-quality codes at lightning-fast speeds in a range of industries including food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and extrusion.
  • It allows for virtually unlimited font, code, and graphic options and boasts impressive line speeds of up to 900 m/min.
  • An advanced 3350 Smart Focus model not only offers all the features of the standard 3350 but also caters to the growing demand for automation and flexibility.
  • Equipped with cutting-edge automatic and dynamic marking capabilities, the 3350 Smart Focus allows for seamless product changeovers without any manual intervention, thereby supporting your journey towards Industry 4.0.

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Videojet 3350 CO2 laser series

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Laser TubeCO2
Maximum Power30W
Laser CoolingAir Cooled
Maximum Print Speed2000 characters/sec
Maximum Line Speed900 m/min (2,940 ft/min)
Environmental ProtectionIP54, 65
Beam OutputSteered Beam
Laser Source Expected Life45,000 hours
Laser Wavelength Options10.6 μm, 10.2 μm, 9.3 μm
Focal Distance Options64 mm (2.50 in) – 600 mm (23.62 in)
Maximum Mark Window601 x 440 mm (23.66 x 17.32 in)
Standard I/O ConnectivityInternal Terminal Connections
Optional User IntefaceTCS+ / Smart Graph on PC / CLARITYTM Laser Controller
UmbilicalDetachable , 3 lengths
Plant Air UsedNo
Certifications/ApprovalsCE, TÜV/NRTL, FCC, KC, BIS
Compliance (no certification required): ROHS, CDRH/FDA

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The 3350 series benefits:

  • High-speed marking capability prints up to 2,000 characters per second of text, bar codes, graphics, and other information
  • High-resolution marking head delivers high-quality and permanent codes to support product traceability and anti-counterfeiting
  • Variety of lenses deliver one of the largest marking areas while options like beam turning unit options simplify integration
  • Multiple marking heads and wavelengths provide the flexibility to code a wide range of materials such as plastics, wood, glass, ceramics, and coated metals
  • Up to 45,000 hours of laser source life expectancy offers extended operational life, reliable performance, and reduced cost of ownership
  • Air-cooled laser source helps reduce maintenance intervals and additional costs
  • Wi-Fi and cellular* connectivity capabilities offer advanced remote services to improve printer availability and OEE

*Subject to availability in your country

The 3350 Smart Focus benefits:

  • Multi-level surface marking: Mark different-sized products in the same marking field with 2.5D technology, helping to save time and more easily manage complex marking
  • Auto-adjustable focal distance: Automatically adjust the focal distance after initial job setup without moving the laser system up and down, reducing errors and user intervention
  • Uniform flat field correction: Maintain exceptional print quality with a uniform spot-size marking across the entire field, with no degradation at the edge
  • Pilot beam focus finder: Validate if your laser is focused and positioned correctly, so you can speed up your setup time with the right working distance and right alignment
  • Flexible range and size mode: Effortlessly alternate between greater focal distance range or an expanded marking field size, allowing for the completion of a diverse array of jobs





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DescriptionOffers all of the performance features found in higher wattage Videojet lasers, but with a power source better matched for moderate line speed applications.With virtually no font, code or graphic restrictions and line speeds up to 900 m/min., the 3350 is an ideal solution for marking complex codes at high speeds in food, beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceutical and extrusion industries.With print speeds of up to 2,100 characters per second and 150,000 products per hour, the 3640 is an ideal solution to help address highest speed and volume applications in the pharmaceutical, tobacco and beverage industries.
Shared specs – Commonly used for marking non-metallic materials such as glass, paper, plastics, rubber, and wood
– Air cooled
– IP54 laser head, IP65 supply unit
Max line speed900 m/min (2,940 ft/min)
Max power10-watt30-watt60-watt
Wavelength options10.6 μm, 9.3 μm10.6 μm, 10.2 μm, 9.3 μm
Max mark window485 x 351 mm (19.09 x 13.81 in)601 x 440 mm (23.66 x 17.32 in)
Certifications/approvalsCE, TÜV/NRTL, FCC
Compliance (no certification required): ROHS, CDRH/FDA
CE, TÜV/NRTL, FCC, KC, BIS Compliance (no certification required): ROHS, CDRH/FDACE, TÜV/NRTL, FCC Compliance (no certification required): ROHS, CDRH/FDA

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