Videojet 2380 Large Character Inkjet Coder

Large character marking (LCM) system

  • A complete large character inkjet coder for cases and cartons
  • Modular and easy to integrate, with fast start-up, it delivers worry-free performance
  • Designed for operation and maintenance by any user with minimal training or experience
  • Patented micro-purge technology automatically performs routine printhead cleaning, helping to ensure consistent print quality with less mess or maintenance
  • It prints durable, high-resolution text, logos, and bar codes, ready to meet the demands of the distribution chain

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Videojet 2380

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Print Speed
     Bar Code Printing0.3 – 66 m/min (1.0 – 216 ft/min)
     Alphanumeric TextUp to 132 m/min (433 ft/min)
Speeds are density dependent
Print Area (Height x Length)70 x 2000 mm (2.8 x 78 in)
Printheads70 mm (2.8 in) high 180 dpi
User Interface8″ high-response TFT-LCD touch screen
Connectivity optionsRS232, dual Ethernet and Wi-Fi
On-Board Memory8 GB memory

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A versatile solution that adapts to your requirements

  • Two printheads can be easily integrated, with no additional hardware needed, allowing coding of up to 5.5 inch (140mm) high print spaces, or coding on two sides of a box
  • The system offers USB, VideojetConnect™, and ZPL emulation
  • A bar code scanner can be easily integrated with the HMI for rapid job selection and data entry
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is embedded in the printer, for remote access and analytical capabilities

Consistent, reliable high-quality codes

  • A patented, automated micro-purge system can be programmed to clean the printhead nozzles at specific intervals, helping to prevent blockages without stopping the production line
  • An air knife helps to clean the printhead nozzle plate, supporting long production runs
  • A gyroscopic sensor monitors the printer mounting angle in real-time, helping to prevent ink leaks, and detects and records external impact signals

An easy-to-use marking system

  • An intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen HMI offers code assurance and guides you every step of the way, greatly reducing printer interactions and potential user errors
  • The touchscreen user interface offers onboard job editing, can be placed in an optimal position for the operator, and manages up to two printheads
  • Existing CLARiTY™ print jobs are 100% compatible with the Videojet 2380 and can be downloaded via USB, for easy upgrading
  • A low-cost return line filter changes the associated ink-cup cleaning cycle from daily to monthly, reducing maintenance, while wiping the printhead surface is the only daily maintenance recommended

Expertly designed for the way you work

  • The Videojet 2380 is made of durable 304-grade stainless steel
  • Ink used in the micro-purge printhead cleaning system is reclaimed and reused by the printer, reducing running costs
  • A contrast adjuster allows the contrast density to be reduced, enabling more prints per ink canister
  • The robust printhead uses proven print technology to deliver optimal uptime





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Videojet 2380

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