Built-in evolution

The smarter way to print is with
Built-in evolution
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Who knows what your industry is going
to ask of you tomorrow?
That would be valuable information.
The 1860 can support you when your world changes.

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Improve your operations
today and tomorrow

The 1860 supports you as your printing needs
change and as your production processes evolve.
New capabilities that expand your printer’s functionality
can be selectively added as you need them.

The scalability of the 1860’s advanced software can make
your printer more productive and profitable as objectives
change. This functionality can make the 1860 the printer
that increases value to your operations over time.




Fine tune your productivity with
Videojet LifeCycle AdvantageTM

The 1860’s advanced runtime analytics and reporting will
help ensure continuous improvement. Historical events
from back as far as 90 days can be logged and analysed.
Optional VideojetConnect™ Remote Service can then
interrogate your performance using easily accessible
drill-down reports.

Specialist Videojet technicians will analyse your comprehensive
data logs and determine the cause and context, enabling you
to reduce future unplanned downtime.